Salmiac powder

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Salmiac powder is a really nostalgic treat!  Powder is the original form for salty licorice that was sold in pharmacies already nearly hundred years ago. Many grown ups can still can remember how they used to go and get a small paper bags of salty licorice powder and dip their fingers in the powder. Nowadays people use salty licorice powder in various ways. It´s really fashionable to use salty licorice for baking, making ice-cream and cooking! Salmiac powder is as well perfect way to spice up your booze!

Namitupa´s Salmiac powder (locally called “Pöyröö Puluveri”) has been awarded with Salmiakki Finlandia, the best salmiac product of the year 2012. 

Net weight 60g. Store in dry place.

Ingredients: licorice powder, sugar, ammonium chloride, anise oil. Nutritional values/100g: energy 309 kcal, fat 0g, of which saturated 0g, carbohydrated 72g, of which sugars 58g, protein 3g, salt 3,4g. Contains licorice – excessive consumption should be avoided if  hypertension.


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