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Let us share the secret

Salmiac, that´s the black gold of Finland! Strong candies flavored with ammonium chloride. At the same time deliciously sweet but salty. Something that we Finns can´t live without, true passion for so many of usLet us seduce you with the rich, strong and unique flavors and experience the allure of salmiac!

Secret of Salty Licorice selection


Namitupa salmiac

Namitupa, a small traditional candy factory

Namitupa is a family owned traditional candy factory located in a small village of Ilmajoki. Namitupa is specially well known for salmiac-expertise and exciting and awarded salty licorice products. Besides baking traditional salmiac candies our passion and expertise for salmiac has driven us to develop several new amazing flavor combinations in search of a perfect balance of saltiness, sweetness and freshness. Namitupa artesan candies are great choise to treat yourself or suprise somebody with a delicous gift!
Namitupa Salty Loves

Salmiakki Finlandia awarded products

The Finnish Salty Liquorice Association is a consumer group for salmiac fans. Every year association rewards the best salmiac-product of the year. Namitupa´s Salty Loves and Salmiac Powder have been both awarded with Salmiakki Finlandia and several other of our products have been nominated to the finals.
Tradition, quality Namitupa

Salmiac made with love and respect

All our products are made with love and passion for salmiac. Besides our love for salmiac, we as well care much about the world that we are living in. All our products are vegan, free from dairy, nuts, gluten and we do not use palm oil in our candy factory. We consider environmental factors in our everyday processes for example by recycling and minimazing the waste and the use of water and electricity. We hope you to recycle the empty packages as well!
Try salty licorice for baking and cooking as well, Namitupa

Salmiac for cooking, baking, drinks and desserts!

Be experimental and you are going be positively suprised! Salmiac is an interesting and tasty way to spice up your dessert and even salty dishes! Hint of salmiac powder top of vanilla ice-cream is a perfect flavor combo and salmiac works great with drinks as well.
What is salty licorice or salmiac? Namitupa

What is Salmiac?

Salmiac is something that divides people. Some people can not stand it, but the others just can not get enough of it. It´s a true passion or even an addiction for many of us. Something truly loved in Finland. Traditionally salmiac candies are black, but in fact, the color doesn´t matter. Most important of all is the seriously salty and strong flavor of the candy! As salmiac-specialized candy factory we are continuously in search of a new mind-blowing flavor combinations to pair with salmiac. Check out the product selection to see all the delicious flavor combinations that we have developed! There is something for everyone: spicy, extremely salty, sweet, fresh and sour!

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